Here at The Javois Foundation, we see the value in everyone. Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. This foundation got its name as a memento to Clyde Javois (1973-2019) and his father Raymond Javois (1924-2010).


Raymond's education ended in the 3rd grade, and from that point on he was working with his family. Even without an education he strove to imprint on his children the resources he never had. The house and resort he built on the Caribbean island of St.Martin during his lifetime are still in excellent condition and continue to provide income for his wife and family. Clyde was his youngest son.

 After getting his masters degree in France, Clyde went on to travel the world as a flight attendant. In 2008 Clyde and his partners opened Ecole Internationale de New York, now know as The Ecole. Clyde was probably the hardest working man in history to impress - not because of his success, but because of his belief that people were built for more. There is no pinnacle of success while alive, leave that to the postmortem critics. 

Yet, these are not their greatest accomplishments. That lies in the people they have touched and inspired. My name is Achille Javois and I am one of those people. This foundation was created to instill in the community, what my late grandfather and uncle instilled in me.